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Let's Play Together

Original Minecraft song and music video. "Let's Play Together". Minecraft Jams songs on iTunes: Production assistant Terry Russell Vocals by Miah Moore Get yourself some dang Tshirts! Share this Minecraft song WE ARE the owners of all original music used in this video.

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Let's Play Together was the first Minecraft video I made.  Basically I discovered that animations take a long time to make and I did not want to wait three months between posting on my channel.  So I decided to upload machinima type videos in between the animations. On this one I actually made the video first with my son and then wrote the song. We were just on this server playing together so I just made the song to fit. Thus, the title Lets' play Together. It is the first time I ever edited video in my life. So there are many mistakes. But I did manage to get my friend Miah Moore to do the vocals. They turned out good. Hopefully I will get better at making the videos.