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Diamond Sword


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Diamond Sword was the first Minecraft song that I wrote.  Everyone  I played it for said it was catchy.  All my sons friends were singing the hook for for weeks after hearing it only once. That is definitely the mark that you have a catchy tune.

I looked really hard for a good animator. I found Francisco Novero. Franciaco lives in Manila Phillippines. There was a few set backs in completing the animation.  Besides having to reformat his computer there was a major flood that sent water in his house up to his knees!  Despite all this, he managed to complete the Minecraft animation in about thee months. Franciso is an extremely talented dude.


Minecraft song and music video. Download on itunes: "Hey Captain Sparklez" and other Minecraft Jams songs on iTunes: Please subscribe. New Minecraft videos, music and animations each week. Composer and Producer: Dwayne Russell Co producer: Terry Russell More Minecraft animations and minecraft songs and Minecraft music videos coming soon!


My TNT is an up tempo fast Minecraft song about blowing things up!  This Minecraft music video was inspired my sons game play. He loves to blow things up! Of course I recorded this video on my own server otherwise we have been banned for sure for doing all that damage.

Everybody Dance

Minecraft Song. Everybody Dance. A Minecraft song and music video. Download on itunes: Get yourself some dang Tshirts!


It just popped in my head to do a Minecraft song  dance video. So I looked in the Creative Commons to see what videos were there and wow, there were some good ones! So I wrote Everybody Dance based on those videos.  It is a classic on the floor dance pop song but of course with Minecraft mixed in the lyrics.  I had originally had another girl singer scheduled to sing but she could not make to my studio. So I once again turned to the talented Miah Moore. Miah is becoming quite popular and she really appreciates all the visitors to her youtube page and the comments.  Please check her Youtube page out!

If I Want To

Minecraft song "If I Want To". Download on itunes: Also on Amazon: Get yourself some dang Tshirts! Please subscibe to hear new songs each week or two. New maya animations coming! Minscraft song written and produced by Dwayne Russell Production assistant Terry Russell The Epic Game Boss Vocals by Chelle.


I know there is allot pf people that like country music, but I think the majority of people that play minecraft are not country fans. So to accommodate those country, while still appealing to the rest of the crowd fans I wrote a country cross over minecraft song.

Let's Play Together

Original Minecraft song and music video. "Let's Play Together". Minecraft Jams songs on iTunes: Production assistant Terry Russell Vocals by Miah Moore Get yourself some dang Tshirts! Share this Minecraft song WE ARE the owners of all original music used in this video.

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Let's Play Together was the first Minecraft video I made.  Basically I discovered that animations take a long time to make and I did not want to wait three months between posting on my channel.  So I decided to upload machinima type videos in between the animations. On this one I actually made the video first with my son and then wrote the song. We were just on this server playing together so I just made the song to fit. Thus, the title Lets' play Together. It is the first time I ever edited video in my life. So there are many mistakes. But I did manage to get my friend Miah Moore to do the vocals. They turned out good. Hopefully I will get better at making the videos.

Take Me To The Mine

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As i researched minecraft, I saw that there are many girls that play as well as boys. So I wanted to write  song about minecraft that would appeal to girls. I also wanted a song that would kinda be about life in a way in that sometimes you just want to hide away and not deal with the world. And sure enough I got lot's of messages in my inbox from girls who REALLY liked it. Some said it was there favorite song.  hahahaha I'm glad they liked it. But as much as I figured it would be a girl song, the dudes liked it to. Oh well.

Take Me To The Mine :REMIX

A Minecraft song and music video. Subscribe to this channel and see new Minecraft songs and music videos each week. Minecraft Songs available on itunes Get yourself some dang Tshirts!

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Since the original version did well, I thought why not do a remix? At first I had a rock thing going on in the music, but I changed it to more hip hop.  I think I might do more Minecraft songs this way with a piano version and then a remix.


Minecradt song and music video. Download on itunes: "Hey Captain Sparklez" and other Minecraft Jams songs on iTunes: Please subscribe and check back to this channel each week to see more minecraft songs, animations and music videos . Production assistant Terry Russell. Song Lyrics Chorus lines Giddie up, Giddie up.....

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One of my animators suggested I make a song about horses, so I did. Just before this song was made Mojang added horses to the game. So it was perfect timing. In this minecraft song I used a cool rapper Mello Bondz.  He has a very distinct voice. Sounds kinda like James Brown if he were to rap. I just had my son ride all around on the server while I shot video.  It was fun to make.